Case Studies

What if there was solution that could improve survey outcomes while reducing cost and time? There is. But you may have never heard of it. A game changing solution for today’s regulatory environment.

Assisting hospitals and medical centers to develop robust compliance programs and monitor on-going performance to ensure high performance results. Healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to GRM Compliance Services to help update their Life Safety Drawings and complete their Statement of Conditions. The results have been improved survey outcomes and reduced time and cost.

Consider the story of a regional medical center consisting of 22 buildings located on a 36 acre campus. To address their Life Safety needs, the hospital turned to GRM Compliance Services to prepare their Statement of Conditions as well as update their Life Safety Drawings. Utilizing the applicable code, our team of industry experts were able to reduce 10,000 linear feet of erroneously identified smoke and fire barriers.

The Statement of Conditions is typically the first document requested during the survey process. This SOC encompassed 2.5 million square feet of survey able healthcare space. Our Life Safety Code Specialist performed a detailed Life Safety Assessment (LSA) within 22 buildings totaling 2.5 million square feet in order to determine compliance with NFPA 101 Life Safety Code®, 2000 edition, as summarized by The Joint Commission Standards.

GRM Compliance Services delivered a high performing set of documents that produced a successful survey outcome. Additionally, we helped the client complete the necessary risk assessment for the identified PFI’s and further supported the analysis by helping determine which PFI’s required Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM) based on the client’s current ILSM Policy.

Sample Documents