Case Study: Barrier review, statement of conditions

The Reading Hospital & Medical Center

The Reading Hospital and Medical Center consist of 22 buildings located is located on a 36 acre campus in West Reading, Pennsylvania.

GRM Compliance provided the following services:

  • Performed Barrier Survey reviewing existing drawings and suggested the best routes/locations for the following items based on the Life Safety Code NFPA 101 LSC, 2000 edition:
    • Fire barriers
    • Smoke barriers
    • Occupancy separation barriers
    • Smoke compartment features
    • Suites
    • Exit passageways
    • Exit stairs
  • Performed a detailed Life Safety Assessment (LSA) within 22 buildings totaling 2.5MM square feet in order to determine compliance with NFPA 101 Life Safety Code®, 2000 edition, as summarized by The Joint Commission Standards.
  • Assisted the organization with the upload of identified PFI items to The JAYCO extranet as mandated by The Joint Commission.
  • Utilized the updated Life Safety Drawings identifying rated walls, smoke barriers, linen/trash chutes, exit stairs, and hazardous areas. A visual survey will be conducted of all fire/smoke zones. This activity satisfied the Building Feature drawings requirement of the Basic Building Information (eBBI) form.


The Life Safety Code Specialist completed the Barrier Review utilizing the Life Safety Code NFPA 101 LSC, 2000 edition. Based on the review:

  • Downgraded 10,000 linear feet of fire and smoke barrier.
  • Properly identified the downgraded walls as corridor walls.
  • Provided approximately $500,000 in Life Safety repairs through the proper identification of the Smoke and Fire Barriers.

Other Clients

GRM also provided similar services for:

  • Holy Cross Hospital
  • Mission Hospital
  • Reynolds Memorial Hospital
  • St. Michael’s Medical Center