Environment of Care

Approximately 40% of organizations surveyed have compliance issues associated with fire safety equipment.

Changes within the regulatory standards, complexity of reporting and the increasing demands of leadership are all forces that have been reshaping the landscape of compliance strategies. And now with the unannounced survey process, organizations must continuously monitor compliance performance to ensure high performing results.

GRM Compliance Services is helping clients implement, manage and monitor compliance results. Our programs monitor compliance health through analytic tools that monitor and control all aspects of compliance operations. An organization can optimize resources, prevent compliance related deficiencies and allow leadership to keep their finger on the pulse of the compliance performance within the organization.

Drawing on the experience of our compliance professionals, we deliver high-performing compliance standards and best practices to ensure compliance standards are achieved.

What We Do:

Our Team of Consultants will perform a detailed Environment of Care Assessment to determine overall readiness for each of the applicable standards. Each standard and supporting documentation are reviewed and assessed.

We work closely with members of your organization to develop programs to ensure compliance standards are achieved on an on-going basis.

Review of Policies and Procedures (P&P’s) ensuring that the organization manages activities as outlined within your current P&P’s. 

Review Management Plans as well as each annual evaluation.

What You Receive: 

You will receive a comprehensive report summarizing the current achievement or deficiencies for each standard along with recommendations designed to improve overall compliance.

Recommendations designed to address the deficiency and ensure future compliance for each standard. 

Implementation of Compliance Reporting summarizing completion or pending activity associated with each standard.

Compliance Reporting tools are effective reporting tools for the various committees requiring monthly and quarterly updates on compliance rates.

Development and implementation of Policies and Procedures outlining the standard requirements along with processes to ensure P&P’s are managed accordingly. 

Hospitals throughout the country are turning towards GRM Compliance Services to develop and implement programs designed to ensure compliance success. Our clients look to us for the ability to implement and monitor compliance performance. They expect high performing results that draws on our deep industry knowledge and ability to deliver results. We provide our clients with industry insight that generate high performing results.