Fire Safety Evaluation System

The Fire Safety Evaluation System was developed to identify alternate solutions, delivering at least an equivalent level of safety as compared to that produced by the exact compliance with the detailed prescriptions of the Life Safety Code. It also provides a means of comparing the effectiveness of proposed improvements by producing a comparative baseline and readily shows the relative gain in fire safety for proposed improvements.

Through a grading system, the FSES evaluation defines the relative impact of a deficiency or proposed improvement to the building. An FSES can be used to achieve compliance in lieu of correcting some deficiencies including:

  • Enclosures that are not constructed with proper rating.
  • Enclosures that are not complete from the bottom of the building to the top.

An FSES may not be used to achieve compliance for lack of required fire dampers in duct penetrations of vertical opening enclosure walls. Additionally, an FSES cannot be used for the improper installation of required fire dampers.

Contact GRM Compliance Services to determine if an FSES will help improve your building’s safety and compliance.